Watch Hulu in Canada

Watching Hulu, the american TV show streaming service, is usually prevented by Hulu’s geoblocking, yet some in the past have found ways to bypass that through proxies.  Hulu is now implementing Proxy detection, which makes it even harder to watch the last few episodes of your favorite show in high quality.

You can watch Hulu using Hotspot Shield, but you have to make sure that the Hotspot Shield server you’re using is the White Plains, New York server.  To do this, just connect to Hotspot Shield, and then go to and it will tell you which server you’re using.  If it’s not the White Plains server, then just disconnect from Hotspot Shield and then try reconnecting till it assigns you to the White Plains server.

This also should get Pandora and Spotify to work outside of the US.

Enjoy your new free streaming media, and don’t forget to post in the comments section and tell us if it works!

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