uTorrent 2.0s uTP REALLY Kills Your Speed

Hey everyone!  I just got the new uTorrent update, as it was rolled out a couple weeks ago, and it updated in like two seconds after clicking Yes.

I then went on TorrentFreak, and I read that in this uTorrent update there is a new protocol developed by BitTorrent Inc and Bram Cohen, called uTP – and it basically throttles your downloads so that the ISPs don’t have to.  I don’t believe that by limiting global download speeds we will see any sort of improvement in our internet – likely it will give our ISPs who are already sluggish at upgrading their infrastructure another reason not to spend money on infrastructure upgrades.

To disable UTP fully, then go to Options > Preferences > Advanced and set bt.transp_disposition to 5.
Then go to Options > Preferences > BitTorrent and uncheck Enable Bandwidth Management.

  • thisdontworktryeditstillsame

    dont work

  • http://www.mydailytech.com Connor McBrine-Ellis

    what part didn't work for you?
    I noticed a speed increase as soon as I did this.

    My opinion with ISPs is that throttling is silly – you should get all the access that you are paying for! They should just upgrade their infrastructure to support their customer's download needs.

  • Diane

    I just did this and it works like a champ! It dropped the UTP connection that had been connected to me and allowed me to continue uploading to the tracker leechers as I had wanted! I had been working with the torrent site admin with this problem and this fix saved utorrent 2.0.2 on the torrent site I'm on!!!! Thank you!!!!!