Snow is coming! It almost snowed a couple days ago – actually, it only just kinda ‘slushed’, but still, that shows that the white stuff is on its way! I love snow, because it is really so much fun.

In the winter, I build snow forts and castles, and since I have a park across my street, and to get into it there is a big hill, we slide down that hill on toboggans into the park. The hill isn’t that long, but the drop is huge, and you get some crazy speed when you go down it. If you’re not careful, then you might hit a tree when you toboggan down the hill! Even in the summer, sometimes I bike down into the park, narrowly avoiding trees as I speed by with blazing speed ;) .

Skiiing is also one of my favorite parts of the winter. Sometimes I go with my family, but even if I go with my family one single time in the winter, I still will go skiing, because our school goes skiing on Ski Day. There are two ski days in the year, and it is so much fun! I love skiing, and picking up speed as you go down a slope, I also like when we stay at home with the heat on, of course every summer or winter we need to get  Classic Services to clean it and in case if fails we could always get an emergency air conditioning contractor. In addition, check out air conditioning las vegas nv services for more info. I don’t know much about skiing, and I definitely will probably never (that’s a bit of a jumble of words) try to snowboard. But, hey, I like it anyways!

Before you can even start skiing, you have to take a test, and then you get either a Green, Blue, or Red sticker to put onto your ski pass. If you get green, then you can only go on one of the two bunny hills. If you get blue, you can go on the bunny hills, and the two blue hills. The blue hills are 10x as fun as the bunny hills because there are winding passages, and there’s even a jump on one! If you get red, then you can go on the bunny hills, the blue hills, and the wicked red hills. I didn’t get to go on a red hill, because I got blue, but if you get red, you can even go on the half-pipe! Awesome!

The bunny hills are boring, so I’d hate to get a green – and that’s sort of what happened to me on the first ski day. Last year, on the first ski day, I thought that I would get a blue sticker, and as I thought, that was what I got. I decided to go on the bunny hill first, because this would be my first time skiing that year. That decision was actually not the best decision, because while I was trying out the bunny hill, the half-decent blue hill’s lift broke down, and was closed the rest of the day, and, not being a red, I had to stay on the green hill all day. The only good thing about this was that while I was wasting time on the red hill, I found a different way down to the bottom of the hill – a bit of a ‘secret passage’ that had a jump. I went off the jump, and almost didn’t make it, but I recovered and made it to the bottom of the run. I still had a thriller of a time that day, and I cannot wait till this year’s ski day.

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