Send Large Files with Podmailing

Sure you can use my old solution “Transfer Files Easily with Bittorrent“, but the problem is, that solution isn’t really that simple.  Here’s a brand new solution that I really like: Podmailing.  It’s a reliable way to transfer files, and it’s super simple too.

Download Podmailing

Read the FAQs and soon you’ll be transferring tons of stuff. Podmailing uses P2P technology to send files.

You can even upload files to the Vipeers service, within the program, and that online service automatically generates multiple

The only downside with this service that I found was the fact that both clients need Podmailing, but it is so easy to install, so it’s not much of a problem. Another thing I found was that the program hung when you tried to connect to the servers the first time I ran the program, but after I restarted, it worked fine.