Screenshots in Mac OS X

A great feature of Mac OS X is the Screenshot feature.  It is more highly developed than Window’s rudimentary Print Screen, and the combinations in which you can use it make the possibilities endless. This does not need any download what so ever, which is great!

Here’s the 3 screenshot keystrokes for Mac OS X.  All of the screenshots you take will show up on your desktop.

  1. This takes  picture of your whole screen (does the same thing as Print Screen, but I think it’s superior because it saves the file at the same time instead of just copying it to the clipboard).
    Apple Key + Shift + 3
  2. Select an custom sized area by dragging with the mouse – select any area of your desktop.
    Apple Key + Shift + 4
  3. Your cursor will appear as a camera.  It takes pictures of the blue selected area that shows up when you hover over certain items.  It’s very handy for taking a picture of just one window or a certain area of the screen.
    Apple Key + Shift + 4 + Space