Hilarious Scam I got in the Actual Snail MAIL!

We got a wierd letter in the mail from, of all places, Tanzania!

I opened it up to find a typical hilarious scam email.  It’s one thing to recieve spam in your email inbox, but it’s another thing to recieve it in the actual physical snail mail!

And it’s complete with the usual typos and everything (*facepalm*).  You’d expect if they were paying all the money for this postage they’d work on their sales pitch at least a little!

Let’s hope some gullible person doesn’t fall for this crap!

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  • Jmike

    I live in the Boston area and just got a very similar letter.  The amount was $77.7 million and the “hook” was that the dead man’s money was in the name of his wife, whose last name matches ours.

    It’s hard to imagine that this kind of scam is positive EV to the sender, if the stamps are real and the letter really originated from Tanzania (which it looks like it actually might have).

  • http://www.mydailytech.com Connor McBrine-Ellis

    Pretty similar, sounds like. They’ll go to any lengths these days.

    I find it amusing the way that my letter reads – “under the name of his friend a foreigner from your country: W Ellis … this friend of my father died on 25th july” – is he trying to say that *I* died in 2009?? If so, how am I reading this letter?