Running a Home Web Server with your WRT54G

I haven’t been posting for a while! Sorry, Craig and everyone else!

These days the web is getting huge! Everyone seems to be getting online, and everyone has a website these days. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll need a Linksys WRT54G router to host your own website at home. Here is a list of the things you’ll need for this project:

- Linksys WRT54G (you can get it at Best Buy or Future Shop or even eBay)
- Preferably a high-speed DSL connection (this is what I have) but this project will probably work on cable internet too.

You will also need a computer with the following minimum statistics:

- 5 GB HDD space (although it could work with as little as 2 GB, but that’s just sad)
- 128 MB RAM (64 megs ABSOLUTE minimum)
- 233 MHz Pentium or AMD equivalent
- Basically, the computer needs to be able to run Windows XP smoothly
- For a web server, the connection is usually with wired Ethernet, but if you wanted to you could do it wirelessly, but most people go with wired because it’s more reliable.

When you have your router all set up and working, and you computer connected to it by wired Ethernet or wireless, then start parsing through these steps!

1. Go to your desktop and right-click on My Computer, and click on Properties.
2. Click on the tab Network Identification, and then inside the window, click on the Properties button, and then remember the ‘Computer’s Name’ that is there.
3. Close everything, not making ANY changes.
4. Open up your favorite web browser and type this into the address bar: and then hit enter, and then the Linksys router setup comes up.
5. On the navigation bar click on Status, and then in the submenu that appears, click on Local Network, and then click on the button that says “DHCP Clients Table”.
6. Find your computer’s name that you’re going to use for your server in that list, and then find and remember it’s IP Address.
7. Go up to the navigation bar, click on Applications and Games, and then make an application called WWW on port 8080 to 8080 with a protocol of ‘both’, then enter the IP address that you got from the DHCP Clients Table, and check the ‘Enable’ checkbox.
8. Then head to, and register for an account. Then on the navigation bar click on accounts.
9. In the My Services section, click on My Hosts.
10. Click on add new hostname, which is on the right side of the titlebar.
11. For the hostname, type something for the first half, and then choose something for the second half.
12. Leave the Wildcard option blank
13. Leave the TTL the way it is
14. Leave the service type the way it is
15. Then stop, minimize your window, and then go to the start menu, click on run, and then type in cmd and hit enter.
16. Type in ipconfig/release and then hit enter
17. Type in ipconfig/renew and then hit enter, and record the IP Address it tells you remember that this IP Address is DIFFERENT than the one we got before.
18. Type in cls and then hit enter.
19. Type in exit and then hit enter.
20. Then since that is gone, go back to your internet browser.
21. For the IP Address section, type in the IP Address that you recorded from cmd, but NOT the one we got before that.
22. Leave the Webhop section the way it is.
23. Leave the mail routing section the way it is.
24. Click on Create New Host, and then when you’ve done that it will come up with a page saying what you typed in.
25. Then go back to in your internet browser.
26. In the submenu for the first page that comes up, click on DDNS.
27. For the DDNS Service leave it as
28. Type in your User Name, password, and Host Name.
29. Click on Save Settings
30. Now you’re ready to download a web server on the computer that’s going to be your server.
31. Sorry, but installing a web server is not covered in this article! You’re going to have to figure it out yourself, until I make an article about that. I recommend using either the freeware KF Web Server, or the open-source Apache Server from Apache foundation. You’ll also need a page to put on your site, so get Actual Drawing!

About The Weather: It’s supposed to snow for the first time tommorrow – about 20 centimetres! That’s something you can’t get in Tucson, Arizona … unless you can?

Good luck with your web servers!


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  • Craig

    Hey could you please post a blog on how to take, capture, and then find and view screenshots on your computer? Thanks.
    The biggest fan.

  • Craig

    Hey could you please post a blog on how to take, capture, and then find and view screenshots on your computer? Thanks.The biggest fan.Craig

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  • Austin Chicken

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