Rollercoaster Rush for iPod Touch review

Rollercoaster rush is truly one of the greater games for the iTouch. It has several levels to keep you busy, and many achievements that you can obtain through the game-play.  It also has two versions: a themed christmas version, and a regular version.

The controls vary but are always simple. You either tap or tilt the iPod in the direction you want to go.  Although the graphics are somewhat cartoony, they do the job quite well and add appeal to the game.  This game is great for all ages and runs smoothly during gameplay, except it crashed once during the 3 hour period I tested it for.

The game takes about an hour to beat, and a ton of time to unlock all the acievments for.  This is a great game, and I recommend it for anybody who likes a bit of a challenge, and who also has an iPod touch.  It’s free!  How can you go wrong?

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