Reasons why the iPad is Pointless

Apple, to great fanfare, unveiled its long-awaited “netbook/tablet/iphone” in January.  The iPad looks simply like a big iPod touch, and even has that little home button at the bottom!

Being what, in reality, is simply just an iPod Touch with a processor that’s more powerful and a bigger screen – I don’t think its worth buying.

Validating the point that the iPad is really just an iPod Touch that isn’t portable and is overpriced, it runs primitive iPod Touch apps!  Now, some may say that this is a great idea, since people can run their iPod apps that they really like which don’t yet have iPad counterparts – but, I believe that if it can run iPod apps, that proves that it uses the same primitive Operating System that the iPod uses, with a few tweaks.

Also, the iPad doesn’t even have multi-tasking capability!  Although, with its ‘powerful’ processor you’d think it would – but it doesn’t.  Hopefully Apple will fix this in the long run with some sort of silly paid-for software upgrade.

I think that the iPad is a dud – and that Apple will greatly  regret not thinking this out more!

  • Bill Gates

    I agree. the ipad couldnt be more pointless. Maybe its all part of apples scheme…theyre purposely doing this to make more money….Oh but wait…that couldn't be true…they don't want money…;|

  • boobies

    I don't quite see what wrong with a “giant ipod” it's still gonna give the same great experience, but better apps can be made with this huge screen. And i don't see why people want multitasking so badly. The screen isn't going to be big enough to comfortably manage a windows system, nor will apple want to deal with users complaining about slow apps, and background viruses.

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    With no multitasking, the device is severely limited in it's function, I believe.

    Besides, no app store can match up to the flexibility of a windows tablet, in this sort of price range.

    Something as simple as working on a document and flipping between that document and a web browser, or browsing a usb thumb drive for files will be REALLY annoying on an iPad.

    I can GUARANTEE this won't be a success in the business world, yet in the consumer world, we'll have to see how it will play out.

    Perhaps apple could release some sort of silly software upgrade that you have to PAY FOR to enable a multitasking system that shortsightedly wasn't included in the first place.

  • spamazoid

    IPAD = enlargended Iphone without the ability to make phone calls. = FAIL

  • Ipaddominates

    15 million reasons why you look like quite a fool now

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  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    I read the article that you wrote about ipad (the one where you linked to this post… btw thanks for linking!).
    IPads are GREAT for things like that. They have a great interface and are easy to use. They just aren’t good for power users and other people wanting to get the best “bang for their buck”. They have their own place and niche for people who just “want it to happen”. But they are pointless to me still.

  • Danny Ching

    So I assume you have a windows tablet now, right? BTW how do you play “modern warfare” with a touch screen windows PC? Where are the touch screen controls? What’s that? Oh, you use a mouse and a keyboard with your tablet Windows PC…

    Oh yeah. Thanks for pushing Apple into giving a FREE OS update that allows multitasking. 15 million iPad users owe you!

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    I don’t have a Windows tablet.

  • madmacman

    my school just bought a bajillion and a half of these. They are worthless even now. Apple needs to modify OS X so it can work with multi-touch and make the iPad actually worth something.

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    Totally agree.  Windows 8 is going to be a great thing for Microsoft, in the end (I believe).  Fun shiny exterior OS shell with an actual decent x86 chip powering the whole thing, allowing you to run enterprise applications and other stuff as well as you might on any old laptop or desktop.

  • 2cool4u0487

    Ok well heres The problem with your last sentence. The point is Apple is making money. Yes the ipad is a giant scam but as pong as there is an apple logo on it people will buy it. Its just like art some random person with great influence says some painting is worth money and then people waste their money on these thousand dollar peices of junk paintings to be socially accepted. Either way apple knows what they are doing and they can always release and ipad 3 with few tweaks and still be able to sell billions of them. Maybe they are just saving these ideas for the ipad 6 or 7. The point is that you mock the ipad but at the point of view of the apple company its a great way to get money. And im pretty sure apple has no regrets

  • Rick

    Don’t forget you can’t upgrade the hard memory or insert any sort of USB or microUSB drive either. This thing is good for one thing, reading pointless articles and watching porn.

    Can’t believe Apple charged me over $800.00 for a 16GB 10″ Retina Screen with WiFi. Feel completely scammed and dumb for buying one of these for my wife who never uses it.