OpenDNS – Hack your DNS

If you ever find that your computer takes forever to load websites, and seems to take forever at the “looking up domain name” stage of browsing, then OpenDNS could be the solution for you.

DNS stands for Domain Name Service, and basically it translates the human names for websites as we know them into IP addresses.

When you type into an address bar, it talks to your ISP’s DNS server and gives you that domain’s IP, which then takes you to that site.

The problem with DNS is that sometimes the DNS server that your ISP uses has some records that are old  For example, if your site switched it’s IP Address, then it might take you to the wrong site.  So that’s when OpenDNS comes into play.

OpenDNS is probably the most reliable DNS service out there, while providing a whole whack of extras and tracking features that you can take advantage of.

Awesome Features:

  • Customizable Content filtering
  • Parental Controls
  • Anti-phishing
  • Caching speeds up load time
  • Typo correction auto-corrects the most common typos in top-level domains
  • OpenDNS Guide provides helpful search results when your users try to visit a Web site that isn’t resolving
  • Browser Shortcuts let your users map a short term to a long URL via the address bar, like typing “mail” to reach

And all of these amazing features are all off-site, with limited to zero configuration except for changing your router’s or computer’s DNS server.  And this is made easy by on-site tutorials. Make sure to check Domaincouponspro where you will get the best domain discount coupons.

Try it now!

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