NY and Philly – Day 4 and More (hey that rhymes!)

Well today was the day! We were going to gorge ourselves on a buffet of breakfast. How did we get this buffet? Well here’s the story. When we were checking into the Hyatt on Day 2, the person who checked us in was very kind and asked us if we wanted a free pass to the buffet in the hotel’s fancy restaurant. We couldn’t refuse! If we had paid then it would’ve amounted up to something around or above sixty dollars american! So we went up to our hotel room after we had checked in and then a few minutes later, the man came, with our coupons. I like people like that. Well lets stop talking about that and get talking about day four! At the buffet, I had Oatmeal mixed with Honey Nut Cherrios, along with milk, raisins, brown sugar, and granola! After that, I headed back for more food – this time around, I had eggs, potatos, salsa, ketchup, and some fruit! Then I had to have more… This time round, I had a pastry, more eggs, potatoes, and ketchup, and salsa. This was the life! Then we had to leave. Oh, yeah… I had Orange Juice to wash all that down! Such a wonderful morning! Now we had to go up back to our rooms to get our bags. I washed my hands. We were going to take the bags down to the car. We were off to New York!

-A Long Time Later-

We had arrived in New York. It was so big! We were about to cross in. Well we were technically still in New Jersey, but Manhattan was so close, you could’ve just as easily been in Brooklyn instead of Jersey City! Jersey City is the city on the way to new york. There was such a wait to get onto the Lincoln Tunnel! Yet, we eventually made it. The trip through the tunnel seems so long! It has to be at least 5 minutes, but when you are in Jersey City it looks like you could walk over there in 1 minute! Maybe it was because the traffic was slow. After a while, though, we arrived. The first impression of the type of traffic in NY was bad. We were practically in gridlock! We saw a guy on the corner of a street that was dancing. Then we headed through Times Square. And we found some good parking nearby a museum that was called something like “National Museum of Art” or something similar. We went in there and there was so much to see. I went onto a computer there and found out that they have over 30 000 pieces of art! It was more than you can see in a day! Eventually, after being all tired out, we went out of the museum. We were going to a restaurant called “Candlelight Cafe”, which got awesome reviews. I ordered a veggie-burger, and it was so good! Then it was time to go to our hotel. We were staying in Club Quarters, which is a private hotel that you can only go to if you are a member – you have to be a member, and to become a member, you have to work for a special company or something. I stayed up late on the complimentary internet access typing this out.