NY and Philly – Day 2 – Part Two

^Views from our Hotel room in Philidelphia^

Ahhh. Finally here! We’re here and we’ve made it! I can’t believe this! The drive over to Philly was so exhausting. We almost missed our exit from the highway and if we did miss that exit then we wouldn’t have made it here. Also, when we were driving to the hotel we stayed in last night, the only stuff we got from the storm was a bit of fogginess! Now, though, we were really getting the storm. Ice/snow was falling like crazy, and it was making a heck of a noise, but we weren’t worried because the storm wasn’t so bad, and also our mother got a good insurance from an Insurance Partnership, plus the other car was also covered by One Sure Insurance and at least everyone was safe. Mom wouldn’t let me on the computer! It was supposed to take two hours to get from the Days Inn where we were, but because of the storm, it took two times that – four hours. What’s creepiest of all is that we almost skidded out and killed ourselves it was so slippy! Now that we’re here though, it doesn’t matter! Now we’re going to go see the Tut Exhibit in the Franklin Institute! When we first got there, I found a quarter, so that helped pay for the parking. Then we went inside the building. The Franklin Institute had a picture of Tut on the stairs that if you looked from the bottom of them then you would see it.

We went inside and bought tickets. Dad and I were planning to go on a flight simulator that would put you on twirlies and loop-de-doop. First, we would go and see a film about Egypt in the “Tuttleman” Imax Theatre. It was so amazing – It was like you were really there! The sound was really awesome too. Then Dad and I went to go on our “Flight Simulator”, but no-one was staffing that, so we had to go get a refund for it. When we were trying to find the Flight Sim, we discovered something else awesome. We found a whole exhibit that was filled with stuff relating to Flight. It had an actual huge old fighter jet on display! You could actually go into it. I have a picture of me in it. The room was filled with interactive things, like a wing that you could first bend and then you would push a button to see if you made it fly. That place also had a computer where you could design a plane and then print it out. I designed one, but the problem is, I don’t know where the sheet of paper that had it went. So after that we went to this place called “Sir Isaac’s Loft”. In “Sir Isaac’s Loft” there was a huge marble run that went on forever! The marbles never stopped running! I guess that’s why that called it a marble run. Then it was finally time for Tut. Tut was open until 8, whereas the rest of the museum was closed at 5. We decided we would see the rest of the museum first, and then we’d do the Tut exhibit. The way they did the exhibit made it so appealing. There was the spectacular lighting, the amazing antiquities, and lots other things. My favorite thing there was Tut’s dagger. Unfortunately, they didn’t have Tut’s mask, so I guess I was a bit disappointed. Them putting it on their brochure didn’t help. And the picture of it on the steps leading up to the museum made it just plain annoying. It was everywhere, that mask of his, but after showing it so much in their ads and billboards, and most of all, having it on the museum’s steps, they could at least have it in the exhibit. Maybe Egypt didn’t want to have their prize possession lost. After we passed through the exhibit, we headed for the exit. We had an awesome time there, but now we were exhausted and hungry. We decided to go to Maoz, which is a falafel place. We all had falafel – but my mom didn’t have the pita with it, because she got hers in a to-go container. While my mom and I got the falafels, Austin and Dad were sitting in the car! You wouldn’t believe what happened then. “I was sitting in the car and heard four bangs (bang, bang, bang, bang), and I thought, that sounded like gun-shots! I didn’t want to believe it. A minute or so later, four people came running down the street. Two women that were in shopping for anti wrinkle products ran to a bus and shouted for the bus driver to open the door – explaining that there was a shooting. Two other men ran into a store. There were a lot of sirens coming from about 8 police vehicles. A female police officer ran by our car with her gun drawn, running towards the crime scene,” says my father. Then we headed for the hotel – we were staying in the Hyatt, my favorite hotel. The reason I like the Hyatt is because it’s so deluxe! Their pools are awesome too! The pool there was freezing cold this time, surprisingly! I could barely get in, but once I was in it was so refreshing. After about ten minutes of that I wanted to get out, but my mom was complaining that I “was too wound up to get out”. So I had to do ten laps more and then I came out, with an annoying headache, and I sat on a beach chair. Then Dad showed up. Austin had completed 54 laps (wow, I didn’t know he could swim so well!). Because of mom, I ended up doing 20. Then we went to the washroom and went back up to the hotel room. I had a shower and then went to bed.