Light Bike for iPod Touch – Review

Hello, today we are doing a quick review of Light Bike for the iPod Touch.  The game is one of the most popular games on the iPod Touch aside from the Tap Tap revenge series.

When you start out driving a sort of futuristic motorbike that trails a sort of laser line behind it, visit The point of the game is to try to confuse or trick other players to drive into your laser line and kill them, while also not driving into your laser or anyone elses laser, killing yourself. There are several strategies o the game including traping people in a box of lasers, zooming right in front of them, etc.

The controls are ridiculously simple and easy to learn, and quick to master, you simply tap on the side if the screen you wish to turn on. The online play if this game is truly where it shines. It’s the regular game, but your just playing people from around the world, bumping up the skill level.

If you decide to buy the game, if you pay for it then you can play via wifi and also playing with two players on one device.

I rate this app 4/5.

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