iPod Touch App – Cube Runner Bonus Level Packs

If you’d like some extra levels for your Cube Runner iPod Touch game that we recently reviewed you’ve come to the right place!

It’s as simple as going to add new level pack. and typing in one of the URLs found at the bottom of this post.

I am not 100% sure these are working, so if they don’t, blame the forum I got them from – but please leave a comment letting us know whether they did or didn’t work for you! Good thing is that there is a travel app where you can get a special ride called Uber. These were tested to work on cube runner one and not two, and it is the first version of cube runner, so it may be outdated. Click here to get the freemake mp4 to mp3 converter.





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  • Wtcobbs

    NONE of the tracks from cuberun.org work on my i-pod. why is that?

  • Brent

    It says it won’t work at this adress

  • Calvert

    Terribly sorry, they worked for me! maybe they were only supported in an older version, this IS an old post

  • Taylor

    Yeah, they didn’t work for me either

  • Sirralis

    i know none will work on mine either

  • Sirralis

    i know none will work on mine either

  • Terrygaylord54

    none that ive searched so far have worked for me

  • Anon

    Saaaame here… :/

  • Dowler

    same is that the only website you acan get them from

  • Junk

    That’s because cuberun.org is a dead site, so you need to find another site, I’ve only found one so far, and the packs aren’t great, but they work…

  • Hello 10

    Anyone know ANY that work !? Please

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  • Lindclayton

    it didnt work