Top 3 iPhone or iPod Touch Alternate Browsers

Safari is quite a slow and buggy browser on the iPod / iPhone – one of the only advantages being that it is built in.  There are alternate browsers that you can download for your iPod / iPhone, and today we will review three.  We will be reviewing the browsers: Mango Web Browser, Aquari Stealth Browser, and Privately Web Browser. They are by far the best ones I tested, and all are a LOT faster than safari.

Privately Web Browser

Privately Web Browser : The Privately browser is the second best web browser I tested. It has only a few things making it better than the rest: the first thing is that it’s FAST. When timed it was the fastest out of all of them. The second thing is that it happens to load QuickTime videos, when  safari can’t do Jack. And third, it deletes history, your cache and cookies on the spot, making it untraceable. The only downside to this browser is that it can’t log into websites because it deletes cookies and clears your cache. I highly recommend it if you want to search the web securely with no traces left behind for snoops to look at.

Mango Web Browser

Mango Web Browser
: Mango is the best web browser I tested and I highly recommend downloading it. It’s the second fastest. You can log onto any site, it has a crazy yellow and black background, and a hub for virtually every popular site. The only thing I can recommend to the makers of mango is that they add in tabs which is the only good thing about safari.

Aquari Stealth Browser

Aquari Stealth Browser:

This browser is the third best only because of it’s  features. In fact it has so many

features that I can’t list all of them so if you really are interested in it, look it

up in the app store. But really, I don’t recommend it. It offers good protection, and good searching, but your better off to get mango and privately and not waste your

time on it. I do not recommend it.  The browser is really too bloated.

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