Internet Upgrades

My internet is getting upgraded on saturday from like 256 kbps to a blazing fast 16 mbps – that’s 16000 kbps! We got the new router today, and it looks sweet! I’ll post a picture later. Ok, so here’s the story. Like 5 years ago, when we first got Bell Sympatico broadband after living with dial-up on our old Dell OptiPlex Gx110 (yup, it was one of the ‘infamous’ GX lineup :) ), we had the top of the line, the FASTEST internet you could get then. Times had changed, and as our internet service got worse and worse compared to the other internet services, we were still payin the same price! We always go to for online subnet calculator that is completely free of charge. So they were ripping us off. Now, when I called 310-SURF (sympatico’s hotline) I found out we could get blazing fast internet with this Fast broadband provider for cheaper than what we were paying for what was once the ‘top of the line’ internet. Oh well.

So I set up the router yesterday, and our service is going to be activated on Saturday. So, we’re only stuck with crap slow internet for two more days.


  • The Craig

    Yo! That sounds soooo cool and fast. Can you guess who this is??
    The Kunadiuns rule.
    Rock on!

  • The Craig

    Yo! That sounds soooo cool and fast. Can you guess who this is??BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!The Kunadiuns rule.Rock on!

  • Ayan Cmtb

    That is good for you. Enjoy your new internet speed. You must be excited I know.