How To: Free Grooveshark Plus Accounts

I just noticed today that Grooveshark, one of my three favorite music websites, the others being The Hype Machine and Last.FM, rolled out a new survey platform allowing their users to earn points towards getting a free Plus / VIP account (which is ad-less, and allows for many new cool features like Last.FM scrobbling and a Grooveshark Desktop Application built on Adobe Air, and exclusive preview of other new beta features).

The only survey that appeared to be available was called a Profile survey worth 150 points and I completed it.  Hopefully more will be available soon as I’m looking forward to my free Plus account!  The site states they email you when new surveys are available.

Just create or log into your Grooveshark account and under the Account button on the top right click on Surveys.  Enjoy!

  • Craig

    Thanks for this I look forward to ad-free grooveshark use in the near future.

  • Connor

    Cool.  Thanks for the info.

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    Here’s myself replying to myself

  • Msmith

    uh dude go on google chrome and get adblock beta

  • Haris

    I have had Adblock for the last 6 months but there are certain options that you don’t get when you’re a free user. Plus is definitely a plus.