How to fix the Calibration on the Digitizer of Palms


As you’ve had your Palm for a while, you may find that you start having problems with your touchscreen. A few other things may break down too, like the power button, but that’s a different problem.

On your Palm, there is an LCD and a Digitizer. The digitizer is on top of the LCD and it senses pressure on the screen from your taps. The digitizer can break and visually you may not notice much.

My digitizer on my Palm seems to be breaking – as many times as I went to the calibration section of the “Prefs” app, whenever I used the touch screen, the point that showed on the LCD was WAY off calibration. I’m still not sure why this happens, but still, the way to fix it is to get a program called PowerDigi. You can download a trial here.

If you have Preference Remover and remove preference ID #49529 then your 14-day trial will not expire.