How to clean your HTML code

You might understand what I mean if I said I had code envy. All the code in all the computer books is usually nicely formatted, and spaced out perfectly. Perhaps your code is in a mess!

No matter what, your page will be easier to edit if you have, nicely spaced code, so cleaning up your code is a good idea, and it’s worth it anyways even just for the benefit of your code being nice to look at.

There are a few ways to clean up your code – some HTML editors offer HTML cleanup built-in, like Adobe Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver even has a feature to clean up your messy word html – check out this article Dreamweaver and Word HTML.

Here are a few good websites that will help you clean up your code, also make sure to check some local seo services to help optimize your sites – just paste, hit enter, and go:

Also, using HTML code editors with syntax highlighting when editing HTML can help keep your HTML clean.

Try these good source code editors:



List of decent source code editors