Haven’t been for a while

I’ve been trying to catch up on all my trip posts that I haven’t had anytime to make any updates. My band, the http://www.freewebs.com/thekunadiuns (the kunadiuns) is going to release our new cd, Style In A While. Don’t be dissappointed if the website doesn’t work – something weird is going on with it. We’re going to switch providers soon. Anyways, the people in our band are Craig, me (Connor), Austin, and Kenneth. Since I am talented on more than one instrument, the way it works is that we are not all ‘assigned’ an instrument, we all switch off for some songs. That means that for one song, the lineup might be me on guitar, Craig on guitar, Kenneth on keyboard/synth, and austin on drums/vocals (the typical lineup), but another song might put me on Drums, Craig on Bass, Kenneth on keyboard, and austin on vocals, which is a good thing since I have been practicing the drums a lot more daily, even my kid learnt to play drums with these new drums I got so he can follow my footstep. Craig and I are more dynamic than Austin and Kenneth.