Griffin iClear – Polycarbonate iPod Touch Case

Griffin iClear Case

Griffin iClear Case

The Griffin iClear is a great looking, easy to assemble, good protective cover.  It is a clear case, as you probably guessed by the name of the product.  There are two pieces to the hard shell that you put together.

It’s comfortable, thick, protective and pocketable.  In the box there’s a screen dust protector, a wiping cloth, and the case itself.

The case, though a tiny bit bulky, protects everything fully except for the screen (it comes with a dust protector for your screen though).  The case isn’t huge though, so the iPod Touch is still very pocketable, and the case makes your iPod look a bit better in my opinion.

The case isn’t going to come off if you drop it, and it is quite protective (for everything but the screen, as we said).   The case fits snug, leaving no room for the iPod to rattle around, which is one of our favorite features about this case.  Even when the iPod Touch falls screen side down, the raised plastic on the sides  should hit the floor first and protect the screen from harm.

Don’t worry about headphones and chargers being plugged in (unless your jack is super abnormal or has some kind of tumor lol), the case is functionable with all apple brand headphones and chargers and works with the third party ones I tried (Skullcandy, and one pair of Bose).


The case is kind of tricky to take off, because you need a small coin with you to take it off. To take off the case you just simply slide a dime down the space between the two halves of the case, and use it as a lever.

Another few downsides are that the volume control on the side of the itouch is locked away making it unusable when the case is on, and the sleep button is hard to get to, but still useable.


The Griffin iClear hard case is a decent case for a very low cost at $6.00 at any local Tiger Direct in Canada, making it a pretty good deal compared to some of the rediculous pricings for other cases.

It’s an amazing case for it’s price point, but it’s drawbacks make it a tad bit annoying sometimes.

A solid 4/5 rating.

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