Gmail Phone Call: Call failed due to an error [Code: 3 Remote: true]

If you get an error on Gmail while attemping to make a free call to an actual phone, that says this:

Call failed due to an error [Code: 3 Remote: true]

That error code (as far as I know), means that the person you are calling is on the phone already, or that Gmail is getting a busy signal while trying to call your buddy!

One of our readers (Wave Cool00) just commented that this error can also happen when trying to chat (audio or video) from the same PC but from different Gmail accounts.  Thanks for the feedback!

If you have something to say to the contrary, let me know in the comments section!

  • Wave Cool00

    the same error also does appears if you try to chat (audio or video) from the same pc but from different gmail accounts!!!

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    I’ll edit the post to say that. Thanks for the feedback!

  • AhsanIqbal

    I often call my many friends and relatives through Gmail in USA and Canada and talk them smoothly from my PC (in Pakistan) to USA and Canada without any problems. But since a couple of days, I have been trying to dial a number of a friend of mine in USA but always get this error. This error never comes when I call my other friends, but this error only happening when I call that number. Is it a problem in Gmail or is this error coming because of any problems in that number?

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    Have you tried calling your friend on a regular phone? Do you have any problems doing it that way?

  • Desismokerz

    is there any solution of dis error till date?

  • Dale Givens

    I did some troubleshooting and it is not because the phone is busy. I called my cell and got the same result. It is happening with all calls. Also, I had my wife call my Google Voice number and it failed, as well. I could see that there was an incoming call, but it immediately failed and took my wife to voicemail.

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    hmm. I’ll have to do some more research clearly. Let me know if you have anymore updates on the situation on your end.

    Google voice should be better than that!

  • Owais

    i have found something. Gmail ppl have some check against the IP address. When i restarted my DSL modem, it gets a new live IP and now gmail is working again for all number. Please share your experiences… thanks..

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    ah, perhaps if people are having trouble they might try a proxy?

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    Where are you located? Maybe they are blocking some countries based on IP address. That’s not fair!

  • Ifhamkhans

    Thanks for the information
    I recently face the problrm

  • Anonymous

    I have actually received this error mid-call to a wireless phone customer service line. So I don’t think busy has anything to do with it.

  • Kp4djt

    A lot of us are seeing this error since I think January. I was not having any issues with it until I added a 64 bit machine to the mix, now it appears that when I attempt to receive a video call or start a video call, I see it answer I see the video and then it abends with error code 3 true on one end and false on the other, this ONLY happens with the VIDEO, most of us appear to be able to do audio calls with no issue. I am running Ubuntu 10.04, but I see complaints of the same thing from Windows users.

  • Peter Kuykendall

    GV has been working fine for me until today. Now 100% of outgoing calls get this error. Incoming calls have the PC play the ring tone for about 1/4 second, then fails. I have it set to also ring my cell phone. The incoming GV calls do go through to the cell phone just fine. It’s just the PC that’s affected, both incoming and outgoing. Again, this is new today. I rebooted, no help. Firefox 3.6.16 on XP SP3.


    Yesterday I started getting the same error no matter what telephone number I call, landlines, mobile & toll free, nothing works! Can we get an eta on when google voice phone service will be back up?

  • Teascher

    Getting same error code beginning yesterday. Tried different browsers, different numbers, relogging on, nothing works. Suspect problem with gmail. Hope it gets fixed!!

  • kp4djt

    I have dug into this a bit more, the machine at fault is a 32 bit Thinkpad T42. I know it was working into Jan. of this year. Somewhere in that time frame it quit. I have two 64 bit machines, they appear to work just fine, one is a Thinkpad X200 4g ram Ubuntu 10.04. The other is a T410s running XP. My wife also has a Lenovo Netbook, it is of course 32 bit I can video with her just fine, so it must be something that happened on this machine. I just can not
    figure out where to poke at it.

  • kp4djt

    Oh yes, the voice side will work OK. I can set up a computer to computer call, it will go right through just fine, and I can carry on just fine.

    One other point when the video call is answered, I get just a second or so of
    video before the whole thing abends.

  • Peter Kuykendall

    I have Googled this and found out 2 things.

    1 – Google has known about this since at least late November of 2010.
    2 – Evidently this problem spread much farther on April 21 or 22. Suddenly there are many, many reports of outages.

    I doubt very much if it is anything to do with specific PC configuration changes. Perhaps the NSA’s tap screwed it up LOL. Hopefully Google will resolve this soon, but I’m not holding my breath based on the existing 5 month (minimum) duration of this problem.

  • GVoice User Since 2008

    I anticipate the reaction of users to information such as will follow – to err on the side of suspended disbelief, or outright mockery; nevertheless, I provide it without any intention to frighten users or hail in a new era of anti-government distrust. Please verify for yourself afterwards, but listen to my advice for it may actually protect you from elements within the Googleplex that recently were given license from US Congress to proceed with heightened powers over warrantless search and seizure of wire communications.

    Guys, I have drilled deeper into the code and without saying too much about the application interface (it would only provide information to the wrong hands), I can report to you all that this appears to be evidence of Google’s advancement into law enforcement.

    What we are witnessing is unintentional debugging of these mechanisms on public switched lines and branch exchanges in your areas. There are means of sniffing their activities but I cannot document it here.

    I advise anyone who could be under court ordered street supervision, awaiting trial, or otherwise could be suspected of a federal crime to assume nothing about the privacy of their communications online (and even while in the proximity of networked audio device or in-call with anyone else using Google’s voice services).

    Make a consolidated effort to harden your surveillance countermeasures – or unplug the machines until further notice.

    Contact your representatives in offices of State and Federal power, as well as the FCC, ACLU and EFF to voice concerns over any other suspicions you might have. Although no one else will do it for you, it is NOT yet too late to voice your opinion and hold accountable the federal corporate signals intelligence operatives responsible for protecting all of us.

    -GVoice User since 2008
    Portland, Oregon (USA)

  • Pamelduh

    I hope that they fix this soon. I am assuming at this point it is not me or my computer that is causing this error. I have been having problems since April 21.

  • SciFiTim

    I got the same error message [Code: 3 Remote: true] when calling from my laptop to a Magicjack phone on the same home network. However, when I previously used Gmail phone several months ago, there was never a problem doing this. So much for calling within my house.

  • SciFiTim

    As a follow-up to my previous post, I just called my own cell phone (as a test) from Gmail and it went right through. Just letting y’all know.

  • Pamelduh

    FYI – I don’t know if this error has anything to do with a major googleapps improvement process that is currently taking place, but it may be a side effect. As an administrator of a website, I got a bulk notice from google that told me that the total transition will happen on May 16, 2011. So, I have been kinda watching this problem and am hoping that once the final transition occurs on that date my issue will resolve.

    Long story short: I think this problem could be due to a major googleapps improvement process that is currently happening.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Ruthyoga4

      We are having the same problem, for about 2 weeks now who ever we call at what ever time of day we get the same error, code: 3 remote: true.
    confirmed through friends these lines are not in use or busy. hopefully this error will be fixed soon and our service will be extended.   

  • Ifhamkhans

    Same problem with me happen. I search for the solution and what next I got ur blog url

  • Hi

    Yeah this is a big problem

  • Calgarygirl55

    my problem is that the phone i am calling rings twice and then goes busy.had no problem with these numbers in the past.other numbers work fine.

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    blantant self-promotion :(

  • giovanni

    Hey guys how do I get the phone number true gmail?