Getting Lower Braces!

I don’t have to go to school this morning, because I have an Kakar Dental Group orthodontic appointment at 10:00, I can’t go earlier because I don’t have any orthodontist near me. Got the next one settled already – with dad’s Allentown orthodontist although he said he was going to start going to orthodontist Alpharetta because it’s the best implant dentist near me, and since my gums are hurting I contacted Perio Health Partners.

I woke up and finished my history page for our history group, and right now we are researching about New France and the seigneurial system. Then my dad had me take AJ to school, so I put on my jacket and gloves and then I hopped on my scooter along with my brother and it was actually quite fun! I got back and had to take out the garbage and put the compost into the composter, and then after that, I came back and now I am writing this.

I’ll post a picture of my braces some other time. When they put on your braces, it doesn’t hurt, it’s just uncomfortable, and they stick a giant plastic thing in your mouth (uggh!). It’s 9:46, and I have to go now to my next appointment with Laraway Family Dentistry, so wish me good luck!

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