Firefox 3.5 Windows 7 Jumplists with Winfox

Google Chrome's Jumplist

Google Chrome's Jumplist

Winfox Jumplist

Jumplists are one of the  most hyped features of the new Windows 7 – they are neat little shortcut menus on the new Windows 7 taskbar.

Firefox is one of the late-comers when it comes to supporting Jumplists – both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome already support them.  Firefox version 3.7 will support them, along with including a new glass/aero optimized theme.  But if you can’t wait till then, you can use Winfox.

Winfox, albeit buggy, enables jumplists for Firefox, allowing you to open new windows and tabs easily, and access your favorite sites, and even pin your most visited sites to the jumplist for easy access.