Feed My Inbox – Easy RSS Email Delivery

If you’ve ever been on a nice blog that didn’t have an email delivery option, have no fear!  Feed My Inbox is a simple solution to your problem.

It’s super simple!  It’ll automatically email you each new post, just like any email subscription service.

Other helpful tools available on the site include the ability to provide email subscriptions for yourself on your own blog using a form where your visitor enters his/her email, like Feedburner’s email subscription service.

They also have a really neat little javascript link that you put onto your bookmarks toolbar and then can click on any website with a feed and the javascript will prompt you to enter your email and it will automatically find that site’s feed and then deliver new posts to your email.

Check out the two above services on the Feed My Inbox tools page.

Feed My Inbox is an all-around fun and easy to use service that’s quite helpful when you find yourself needing a quick email subscription.