Look Forward to the new Canadian DMCA

In Canada a few days ago, the third attempt to update the copyright law since our last big reform back in 1997 was introduced.  It was called Bill-32, and although many big issues people had with the last one were resolved, I believe that the digital lock issue (not being able to break digital locks without breaking the law) outweighs all of things that were fixed with the new bill.

Today, in Canada it is technically illegal to copy songs from your CDs to your iPod, even though many people do that!  Also, it is technically illegal to tape tv shows at the moment!  That also is a common practice, which is why these laws are overlooked.  These issues make it clear that the copyright law does need updating, but although the new copyright bill will fix these problems, and give the consumer more rights, the fact that any content creator will basically be able to “ixnay” any of these rights that were given to the consumer simply by adding a digital lock is unfair to consumers.

If a customer was sold something with steroids, then they basically can’t do anything with it except what the rights holder wants the customer to do with it!  This is ridiculous and must be changed!

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    I hope this ends well – not looking good at the moment…
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