Dual-Boot your Computer! – *The Video*

OK, so everybody here can download my new fully-released step-by-step guide on how to dual-boot your computer. It’s about half an hour long, and it’s a bit lengthy, so you may want to skip some parts that you already understand, but it’s great for beginners who have no idea what they’re doing too.

It follows the same basic instructions as my “Dual-Boot your Computer!” post, so you can follow along the video with that post.

The video is available for download in a BitTorrent file, because I didn’t feel like uploading such a hefty file to a server. In case you’re wondering, BitTorrent is a protocol for downloading files, and to download files through BitTorrent, you need a Torrent client, and I feel that uTorrent does this job wonderfully, so download that and install it, and you’re all set.

After installing uTorrent, or if you’re using your already-installed uTorrent or some other Torrent client like the one that LimeWire has built in, you can use the *.torrent file that you’re about to download, and open it up in one of those programs, and then set a place to download the file into, and then start downloading. Once you’re done downloading, please leave uTorrent or Limewire or whatever torrent client you’re using open, so that other people can download the files too – once you’re done downloading, your bittorrent client should automatically begin ‘seeding’ the file, or, in other words, uploading it to the other peers who are downloading it too.

Download the *.Torrent file now!

Please notify me if the link becomes broken!

I hope you enjoy my video!