Cracked LegitLibM.dll for Windows Media Player 11

Still having trouble downloading Windows Media Player??  Here’s how to download and install it easily.

Download Windows Media Player 11 here without any WGA validation requests.

After doing that, you have your Windows Media Player Installer.  Install a program like WinRAR and then right click on the WMP installer and click on ‘Extract To’.


Now open the new wmp11 folder that appears, not the original .exe.

The folder will look like this (the important files are circled):


You need to replace LegitLibM.dll with the cracked one.  Download the cracked LegitLibM.dll and then drag it into the directory.  Windows will ask you if you really want to replace the file – replace it.


Click yes to replace it, and then go into the folder and launch setup_wm.exe as you saw in the above folder picture.

Enjoy Windows Media Player 11!

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    Window 11 is now running..

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    This would not be necessary if the program was open source!
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  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    Try using 7 zip buddy. It also could be that your download was corrupt somehow. So perhaps you could try re-downloading it.

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    No problem!

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    Well, Linux is now the most popular mobile platform through android, so it’s not too farfetched to think that it may soon gain some traction in the desktop market!

  • Connor McBrine-Ellis

    Try 7-zip and then get back to me.

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  • Toxicroze

    Didn’t work for me either. I’ve tried 3 different versions of this method all to no avail. Followed directions to the T. When I doubleclick the setup it brings me right back to the “validate” dialogue box.

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