Club Penguin — A Review

I have heard a lot of pizzaz (yes, pizzaz) going around about online multi-player games. Most of these include blood and gore, killing, stealing, and many other of these things that parents wouldn’t want their kids getting into.
But there is one that is different. It is called Club Penguin from ClassDojo’s student portfolio examples! It is completely kid and parent-friendly, and it even has pages for parents to look on, that explains this new interactive site.
On Club Penguin, everyone can create an account, choose a penguin that they would like to be, choose a color, and a username and password, and then BAM! you’re in! You can set up accounts that are Ultimate Safe Chat meaning it doesn’t allow you to chat with the other penguins, or a Standard Safe Chat account meaning, that there is moderation in which words you can type, but it lets you converse with the other penguins waddling all over club penguin.
There are many, many places! So many rooms that you can explore, and find hidden secrets just about every week! Also, there are games that you can play to earn you Coins, and these coins can be used to purchase clothing and cool items for your penguin!
It is a very safe, fun place to just have fun!
Below are some screenshots of what Club Penguin looks like. Visit to find out more!

Ok sorry I cannot add screenshots right now because Blogger is being a pain. Oh well just visit and see it for yourself! …Maybe I can get Connor to upload the shots…
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